Hilary Vaughn Dobel

poet, writer, translator

“Kids These Days” in Boston Review

Read it here!


“It’s Not Science, But It’s About to Be” in the new Sixth Finch

Read the poem here!

Sixth Finch

Review of Matt Rasmussen’s Black Aperture

Up now on Parnassus: Poetry in Review!

Microreview of Brenda Shaughnessy’s Our Andromeda

Microreview of Brenda Shaughnessy’s Our Andromeda

Out now on the Boston Review website. 

2 New Poems in The Cortland Review #62

Read “Tinnitus” and “Poem Without Sun” here.

Image credit: Eileen Horwitz, Venice Blue

On Brenda Shaughnessy in the Boston Review

My micro-review of Brenda Shaughnessy’s Our Andromeda is out now in the January/February 2014 Boston Review (print edition only).

Read more in the online edition here.

“Epistle” in Mid-American Review #34.1

See more about this issue here.

“Rugby for Lovers” in Cimarron Review #185

Out now!


“Annual” in A Public Space #19

It’s out now in major and indie bookstores all over the place.

You can read a preview of my poem here.

Issue 19

New poems forthcoming in…

The Cortland Review #62

The Cimarron Review #185

A Public Space #19

and the inaugural issue of Litter magazine!

Plus a micro-review of Brenda Shaughnessy forthcoming in Boston Review.

Stay tuned.


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